Rotary Cutters

Cutting fabric accurately for patchwork fabric projects could not be easier with Olfa's Rotary Cutting range. We stock 28mm, 45mm and 60mm rotary cutters from the standard range. 45mm from the deluxe range and 45mm from the Quick Blade Change.

The 'standard' version is perfect for beginners. The 'deluxe' rotary cutters have ergonomic handles for comfort and automatically retract the blade when the handle is released.  The 'quick change' rotary cutter is similar to the standard version but with a quick blade change mechanism.

Small rotary cutters are perfect for intricate work; medium blades for standard cutting and large blades are ideal for cutting multiple layers of fabric quickly and efficiently.

It is recommend that all rotary cutters are used with Olfa Rotary Cutting Mats to preserve the life of the blade and to protect your work surface.